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Fabel Werner & Schnittke
Specialists in Cross Border Accounting

When > Frank Fabel, > Thomas Werner and > Vladimir Schnittke  founded FWS in Munich and Saint Petersburg in 1997, the idea was to offer professional financial advice to management in the field, and, at the same time, to establish an efficient financial control system for remote entities. The cross-border element in our services turned out to meet the very needs of our clients: Today, we are glad to be able to rely on audit partners in four dozen countries in four continents.

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Over the years we have developed a unique style on how to tackle cross border accounting problems. In our firm, audit and consulting tasks are always executed by an international team: The leading partner is in direct contact with you at your place of business, and the partners in the country of performance are always up-dated with the respective legislation and accounting regulations. The international audit team works together – on site - in order to close the information gap between the countries.  
Cross Border Accounting
Our particular approach is that documents are captured and archived in an electronic form, which enables you to perfectly control financial affairs even in remote locations. All financial documents are always visible through secure connections and attached to your bookkeeping software – a system that we call > DMS or Document Monitoring System. We prepare financial reports in accordance to regulations applicable in the country of performance and/or translate the figures into the standard that you require.

Cross Border Audits
Audit services are offered to two groups of clients: Small and middle sized enterprises (> SME) and non-profit organisations (> NPO). Traditionally, a big portion of our audits are “special purpose” audits, i.e. audits that certify the compliance of financial reports with a specific framework or with a contract. In the last years, investigative audits (audits under the suspicion of fraud) became more important. 
Cross Border Financial Training
Accounting cannot be isolated from the social and organizational processes in an entity. Financial management techniques fail to be efficient, if not properly implemented into a team. Since the beginning, FWS takes care of the control environment of all accounting work. It is this special care of social and organisational processes that lead to the development of a new tool: Financial Management Studies or > FMS