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Document Monitoring System

Accounting Outsourcing, Remote Control and Data Capturing

FWS is now member of EMPACTA, Association of International Auditors
Concept and Background
Fabel, Werner & Schnittke GmbH and its partners offer accounting services to firms and NPOs. Our particular approach is that documents are captured and archived in an electronic form, which enables you to perfectly control  financial affairs even in remote locations. All financial documents are always visible through secure connections and attached to your bookkeeping software. We prepare financial reports in accordance to regulations applicable in the country of performance – monthly, quarterly and annually. A detailed description is available in German, English and Russian.
Your advantages:
  • Quick processing of financial data
  • Ubiquous access to financial data for predefined authorized persons 
  • No transport of originals – no risk of document loss
  • Reduced copy and printing costs
  • Advanced internal control through a segregation of duties: documentation and booking is in different hands
  • Are the financial documents sufficient from a tax point of view? – Permanent „screening“ of the documentation
  • On demand explanation of bookings, transactions in English, German or Russian
  • Financial Reports in English, German or Russian
Use the resources of our firm:
  • No shortfalls because of sick leave or unexpected absence of chief accountants
  • Permanent consulting support through experienced CPAs, licensed auditors or lawyers
  • Permanent updates on changes in legislation
  • Annual debriefing meeting at your place of business 
The system of outsourcing and remote control will be implemented by us: there is no long and painful implementation period, which would be typical for “home grown” solutions. Please also do not underestimate the security aspect: The electronic archive is located at ONE PLACE and visible only through SECURE CONNECTIONS. Originals stay ALWAYS at one place. The probability of an intended or accidental data loss is very low.

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