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Fabel, Werner & Schnittke was founded by Frank Fabel, Thomas Werner and Vladimir Schnittke in 1997. Initially, the firm consisted of two legal entities, one based in Germering near Munich, Germany, and the other in St. Petersburg, Russia. The idea was to offer specialised audit services to local charities.


During the first three years of its existence, Russia was the main focus of Fabel, Werner & Schnittke’s activities. In the 1990s the country was experiencing a boom in non-profit organisations. The young firm aimed to support local NGOs with expertise, as well as provide donors with reliable and independent financial reporting. At that time in Russia the legal situation was somewhat chaotic. For all employees of Fabel, Werner & Schnittke this proved to be a hard, but valuable, school.


Since 2002 Fabel, Werner & Schnittke has spread its services to all other CIS countries, as well as the Baltic States and Central Eastern Europe. As a consequence the office in St. Petersburg has been closed and the centre of activities shifted to Munich, Germany.

Since 2007 the firm has extended its operations even further. Fabel, Werner & Schnittke now also offers its services in the Middle East and the countries of the Maghreb.


The Founders:


Frank Fabel
married, four children 
Certified Public Accountant
Master’s Degree in History, Economics and Journalism
Languages: German, English, Russian, French
Publications: “Self-help initiatives: Forces of self healing in Russian Society?”: Klaus Segbers e.a. Post Soviet Puzzles, Nomos, Wiesbaden 1996.
Chairman Empacta e.V.




  Thomas Werner 
  married, two children
  Diploma in Business Management,
  Social Pedagogue
  Holder of CPA certificate
  Languages: German, English, Russian,
  French,  Italian








Vladimir E. Schnittke
Graduate Engineer, Co-Founder and Board member of the Russian Civil Rights Organisation "Memorial" (