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Services for Non-Profit-Organisations.

The company founders, Mr. Fabel, Mr. Werner and Mr. Schnittke were (and still are) active in both the commercial and non-profit spheres. They feel strongly that charities should be offered professional financial control “in the field” – that is to say, in those countries around the world where such NPOs deliver their services.

Today services for non-profit-organisations is represented by

Non-Profit Organizations have – as the name indicates – no profit motive. The absence of any ownership interest makes financial control an even greater challenge than in commercial organizations. The lack of drive for profits means that it is usually incumbent on the Board and the members to show a strong will and good faith in keeping financial records in order and protecting net assets from being lost. In fact, the requirements towards internal control in Non-Profit-Organisations are high – when working with other people’s money you should take especial care!
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Altruistic motives do not mean that top management should be easygoing when running their organization, nor does it mean that financial parameters can be ignored. On the contrary, strict financial control and the efficient spending of project funds should be a prime goal of the management. In many cases, the long standing experience of Fabel, Werner & Schnittke on the international scene will greatly aid NPO managers. > training solutions

Countries benefiting from assistance differ from donor countries not only in culture, infrastructure and GDP, but also in the way that organizations account for their financial results. This may be the result of simple misunderstanding, or by differing standards of accounting. Fabel, Werner & Schnittke helps to close this gap. We assist you in the process of satisfying the accounting requirements of the donor and local regulations. Fabel, Werner & Schnittke has experience in 41 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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