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Many managers with international experience know this phenomenon: Okay, we are able to generate revenue in our branches abroad, but then all profit is nagged away by our internal bureaucracy. It is a simple truth that the benefits of accounting must be higher than costs. However, in many cases, cross border accounting is far away from being efficient.  FWS offers you a tool kit to find a way out:

Today services for SME is represented by

  • Our audit services are tailored to the needs of enterprises with border crossing activities. In an annual audit, you can revise the activities of your management in remote branches or subsidiaries (audit solutions).
  • In some cases, it might be that your management on site needs consultations of how to overcome difficulties in internal control or accounting organization (consulting solutions). This could include legal advise or tax optimization for instance.
  • We offer training solutions for your staff in your headquarters or on site.  There are “in house” seminars and events for the public (training solutions).
  • It could be that you decide to give accounting tasks to external accountants. In many countries, we can offer you accounting outsourcing.

All tools are available for different industries. Under the button industry solutions you can find a survey of industries in which we have experience.

Auditors and accountants in countries which are not in the list on the left side may apply for a cooperation (see information under the “cooperation” button)